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Saturday, November 25, 1944
Kamikaze Attack off Luzon
On November 25, a particularly vicious kamikaze attack occurred. Cabot had fought off several kamikazes when one, already flaming from hits, crashed the flight deck on the port side, destroying the still-firing 20mm. gun platform, disabling the 40 mm. Mounts and a gun director - Another of Cabot's victims crashed close aboard and showered the port side with shrapn el and burning debris. Cabot lost 62 men killed and wounded but careful training had produced a crew which handled damage control smoothly and coolly. While she continued to maintain her station in formation and operate effectively, temporary repairs were made.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 33

Name Service Branchsort descending
Sea 2c Ray Grzyb USN
Sea 2c James Merrell USN
Sea 2c Louis Gusline USN
GM 3c Raymond Michaud USN
Lt John Thompson USN
Sea 2c Robert Metz USN
Cox Francis Tuke USN
Sea 1c Richard Moore USN
Sea 1c Raymond Skey USN
Sea 1c Francis Mcgee USN
Sea 2c Joseph Pieja USN
Sea 2c Ceaser Leonello USN
Sea 2c Henry Puckett USN