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City of Alma

Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Tuesday, June 2, 1942
Torpedoed in the Caribbean
SS City of Alma, struck by a torpedo shortly before midnight, sank immediately with the loss of all but ten hands. Third Mate Hugh Parks Brown, having been thrown into the sea, swam through the thick debris and remained afloat on an improvised raft until daybreak. After locating and assisting to the raft five widely separated shipmates, some of whom were injured, a capsized lifeboat was recovered. Brown succeeded in righting the lifeboat after diving beneath it and puncturing one of its tanks with a hatchet he had salvaged. Aboard the lifeboat he gave orders to cruise the area and came upon four other crew members in the water. Brown unhesitatingly swam to and assisted each safely aboard the craft. A makeshift sail was rigged, course set, and port reached four days later. Brown received the Merchant Marine Distinguished Service Medal for his actions.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 27

Name Service Branchsort ascending
2nd Engineer William Corbin USMM
Chief Cook James Tate USMM
F/W Francisco Crespo USMM
O.S. George Whyte USMM
Wiper Lewis Dion USMM
3rd Engineer Richard Phillips USMM
O.S. Alan Doherty USMM
Chief Engineer Charles Warner USMM
Steward Wardell Hendricks USMM
Radio Officer Joseph Simpson USMM
Bosun Henry Higbee USMM
F/W Martin Ludwick USMM
A.B. Bisari Jany USMM
F/W James Judge USMM
Messman David Laboy USMM
2nd Mate Jack Langsdale USMM
Messman Otis Lester USMM
A.B. Arnold Anderson USMM
F/W Oscar Mayo USMM
Master James Baker USMM


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