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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Thursday, June 21, 1945
Kamikaze Strike near Okinawa
At dusk of June 21, 1945, a Kamikaze's delayed action bomb rammed though to the center line of the Curtiss before exploding immediately over a bomb storage magazine which miraculously escaped detonation. The Kamikaze struck on the starboard side amidships at an estimated speed of 400 knots. The engine, part of the tail assembly and the heavy bomb ripped through the skin of the ship, opening two gaping holes and exploding on the third deck. The terrific explosion wiped out the sick bay spaces, together with the Warrant Officers' mess room, several staterooms, officers' galley, and pantry and library. Choking smoke gushed from the damaged area and flames licked through four decks above the point of the explosion. Fire mains and sprinkler systems in the blast area were ruptured and the Fire-fighting crew brought emergency extinguishing equipment to bear. With the fires out of control there was immanent danger of the flames reaching the bomb storage magazine, the upper ammunition handling rooms and adjacent magazines. During this critical period many acts of individual heroism were observed. When it became apparent that a great volume of water was needed to control the fires in the Curtiss, two salvage vessels and two ocean tugs came along side to assist.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 36

Name Service Branchsort ascending
PhM 3c Ralph Bowers USN
PhM 3c Edwin Koss USN
PhM 3c Howard Weaver USN
SK 2c Samuel Bradley USN
LCdr Lowell Kramar USN
SSM 3c Edward Hasenyager USN
RM 3c William Curren USN
Sea 1c Anthony Laguardia USN
MM 3c Robert Turner USN
Sea 1c Edward Lancy USN
SC 1c Joseph Rutland USN
ART 2c Elliott Klein USN
Sea 1c Leon Sapanas USN
Lt Joseph Kobel USN
SM 3c James Reaves USN
BM 2c Henry Miller USN