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Cynthia Olson

Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Sunday, December 7, 1941
Torpedo Attack en route to Honolulu
SS Cynthia Olson was torpedoed by submarine I-26 while en route to Honolulu Hawaii with a cargo iof Army supplies. An SOS heard by a shore station stating they were under attack by a surfaced submarine was last ever heard from this ship. ... This was the first American Flag merchant vessel sunk by a Japanese sumbarine.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 33

Namesort ascending Service Branch
A.B. Raymond Villa USMM
Cook Guillermo Velez USMM
Wiper Miximo Terro USMM
2nd Engineer Charles Taylor USMM
A.B. Pedro Soliman USMM
A.B. August Santiago USMM
F/W Benito Rodriguez USMM
A.B. Pio Perales USMM
Oiler Victoriano Pedro USMM
1st Engineer Thomas Muirhead USMM
3rd Engineer Thomas Moore USMM
Cook Isidro Montegrejo USMM
3rd Mate James Mills USMM
Cook Domingo Mananita USMM
A.B. Claro Maagma USMM
Chief Engineer Harry Lofving USMM
O.S. Leo Kaay USMM
2nd Mate Carl Johnstad USMM
O.S. Comado Jalocon USMM
Steward Leo Escalante USMM


A Careless Word, A Needless Sinking