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Tuesday, October 12, 1943
Lost at Sea
After completing her outfitting and commissioning trials, Dorado departed New London on 6 October 1943 for Panama. Dorado, with her crew of 76 men, was never heard from again. A Court of Inquiry convened to determine the cause of her loss was unable to reach a definite conclusion. It cited three possibilities - operating casualty, enemy action, or attack by friendly forces, with the latter having the highest probability due to the following circumstances. As was common with all unescorted wartime submarine movements, COMSUBLANT had advised all Atlantic ASW forces of her projected track, and the coordinates of a “moving haven” based on her PIM (Position of Intended Movement). No attacks on any submarine within fifteen miles either side of the PIM, or fifty miles ahead and one hundred miles astern were allowed. Unfortunately, a patrol plane operating out of NOB Guantanamo received faulty information on Dorado's track and, at 8:49 PM on 12 October 1943, delivered a surprise attack with three depth charges on an unidentified submarine. The attack occurred within the moving haven. The Court noted that the plane sighted another submarine about two hours later and attempted to exchange recognition signals. This submarine fired on the plane. A German submarine was known to be operating near the scene of the two contacts. Total casualty list of 76 based on data in ComSubPac archives.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 77

Name Service Branchsort descending
MOMM 2c Laverne Cilley USN
SC 3c Henry Florea USN
MOMM 1c Joseph Marsh USN
Sea 2c Hurley Pope USN
F 3c Louis Abruzzio USN
Sea 1c John Coelho USN
F 1c John Fry USN
MOMM 1c Maurice Lynch USN
Sea 2c Joseph Perrault USN
TM 2c Theodore Addy USN
MOMM 2c Thomas Cosaftes USN
CMOMM Donald Davenport USN
RM 2c Lloyd Sanders USN
Sea 2c Wilburn Speight USN
RM 3c Virgil Albright USN
TM 1c Dominick Cristello USN
CMMOM Edwin Eberl USN
EM 2c Pellam Routon USN
MOMM 1c Robert Talley USN
Sea 2c Thomas Alloway USN