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Monday, March 26, 1945
Mine Explosion near Okinawa
While operating as offshore patrol in support of the Okinawa campaign, Halligan had the misfortune of striking a moored mine which exploded her forward magazines, blowing off the forward section of the ship including the bridge. ... Losing 150 of her 300 man crew in the mishap, order was given to abandon ship. ... The hulk of Halligan remained afloat after being abandoned and drifted aground on a small island where it was battered by surf and Japanese shore batteries.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 140

Name Service Branchsort descending
F 1c Charles Bumiller USN
Sea 1c Edward Collins USN
GM 3c George Savage USN
Sea 2c John Price USN
F 2c Russell Poppy USN
Lt(jg) William Martin USN
Sea 2c Roy Keller USN
F 1c Adam Holencik USN
Lt(jg) Tony Caliger USN
Sea 1c George Burch USN
Sea 1c Santo Colombrito USN
Cox Octave Saucier USN
Sea 2c Ray Price USN
GM 2c George Nelson USN
FC 3c Charles Longmire USN
Sea 1c Robbie Daniel USN
Sea 2c Paul Holford USN
Sea 1c Arthur Blake USN
SM 3c Rodrigo Caffoni USN
RDM 2c Harvey Conrad USN