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Thursday, June 1, 1944
Lost near Matsuwa Island
Herring's eighth war patrol was to be both her most successful and her last. Topping off at Midway May 21, 1944, Herring headed for the Kurile Islands patrol area. Ten days later she rendezvoused with Barb, and was never heard from or seen again. However, Japanese records prove that she sank two ships, Ishigaki and Hokuyo Maru, the night of May 30-31. Herring's exact manner of loss can be determined from these records also. Two more merchant ships, Hiburi Maru and IWAKI MARU, were sunk while at anchor in Matsuwa Island, Kuriles, the morning of 1 June 1944. In a counter-attack, enemy shore batteries scored two direct hits on the submarine's conning tower and bubbles covered an area about 5 meters wide, and heavy oil covered an area of approximately 15 miles.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 82

Name Service Branchsort descending
CEM Robert Millis USN
Sea 2c Weldon Brown USN
MOMM 2c Carman Walker USN
MOMM 3c Donald Robbins USN
TM 3c James Gregory USN
LCdr Wilbur Mason USN
Ck 1c Timothy Burkett USN
Cox Leroy Vreeland USN
MOMM 2c Charles Riley USN
Pharm Armand Guerra USN
RM 3c Robert Mack USN
MOMM 2c Charles Burton USN
Y 2c Frederick Swanson USN
MOMM 3c Andrey Saarm USN
EM 2c Charles Groshens USN
TM 3c Warren Lewis USN
StM 2c Nathaniel Campbell USN
F 1c James Sutherland USN
MOMM 3c Donald Ryan USN
RM 3c Clifford Grote USN