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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Friday, May 4, 1945
Lost in the Gulf of Siam
Departing Subic Bay, P.I. April 12 1945 on her second patrol, Lagarto proceeded to the Gulf of Siam to operate with Baya (SS-318). The two submarines rendezvoused on May 2, and immediately began an approach on a convoy of one tanker, one auxiliary and two destroyers. ... With this attack thwarted by the enemy’s radar and subsequent gunfire, they withdrew until the following morning. Lagarto submerged on the convoy’s track to make the initial attack, while Baya submerged ten to fifteen miles further along to follow up. ... A prolonged attack later in the day by Baya was driven off, and she received no further communication from Lagarto. ... Post-war review of Japanese records indicates a successful attack on a submarine on 3 May 1945 on the convoy’s track. This attack is the most probable cause of Lagarto’s loss.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 87

Name Service Branchsort descending
Lt William Mendenhall USN
Sea 1c Fred Johnson USN
F 1c Willis Moore USN
MOMM 3c James Harrison USN
CMOMM Gerald Price USN
Lt(jg) Harold Todd USN
CTM Harold Andrews USN
CEM John Johnson USN
SC 2c James Mcdonald USN
MOMM 1c Richard Fisher USN
QM 3c Robert Peterson USN
CGM Frank Turner USN
CMOMM Charles Anker USN
Sea 1c Hezekiah Jefferson USN
TM 2c Justin Mcgee USN
Sea 1c John Franze USN
TM 3c John Peterson USN
Sea 1c Arthur Wade USN
Lt(jg) Frederick Auchard USN
CEM Jesse Jobe USN


Prepared by CDR J.P. O'Hara USN (Ret.)