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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Wednesday, September 9, 1942
Lost in North Atlantic
When she was overdue in reaching home port, Muskeget was presumed lost in action with no survivors. At the time of her sinking, she had 121 men on board: 9 commissioned officers, 107 enlisted men, one Public Health Service officer, and four civilian employees of the U.S. Weather Service. German naval records recovered after the war indicated that U-755, under the command of Kapitänleutnant Walter Göing, reported torpedoing a U.S. auxiliary merchant cruiser in Muskeget's area of operation on 9 September 1942. It was probably this attack that caused the destruction of Muskeget and the loss of her entire crew. U-755 was herself sunk in the Mediterranean by a Royal Air Force Hudson on 28 May 1943.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 117

Namesort ascending Service Branch
Sea 2c Edmund Power USCG
Sea 1c Max Posnansky USCG
RM 3c Donald Peterson USCG
F 1c Roy Peterson USCG
F 1c Fredrick Perry USCG
Cox Stanley Pawlusiak USCG
Y 2c Samuel Parker USCG
Sea 1c Robert Paine USCG
CMM Leuign Osier USCG
Sea 1c Francis Ohlsen USCG
CCS Archie Nordyke USCG
F 3c Paul Needs USCG
Sea 1c Harold Murray USCG
CM 2c Robert Mullen USCG
RM 3c Willard Mount USCG
EM 1c Warren Morley USCG
RM 3c Leon Morgenstern USCG
F 2c Gilbert Medeiros USCG
PhM 3c John Mcdonald USCG
QM 2c Edward Mayer USCG


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