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Sunday, March 1, 1942
Action south of Java
Pillsbury and the remnants of the Asiatic Fleet were fighting a holding action, staging out of Balikpapan and Tjilatjap, ports in the Netherlands East Indies when they encountered a powerful Japanese force operating to the south of Java. ... The Japanese force consisted of four battleships, five cruisers, aircraft carrier Soryu and the destroyers of Destroyer Squadron 4. In a night surface action, Pillsbury and Asheville were sunk by teamwork firing of three cruisers and two destroyers in Bali Strait, Netherlands East Indies. ... No survivors were picked up by the Japanese warships.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 185

Name Service Branchsort descending
SC 1c Harold Sanger USN
Sea 2c Charles Drake USN
WT 2c Carl Flynn USN
LCdr Robert Germany USN
Sea 1c William Hazen USN
RM 2c August Menichetti USN
CM 3c John Williams USN
Sea 1c Branson Barrett USN
Sea 1c Hugh Biggerstaff USN
F 1c Russell Craig USN
Sea 1c Andrew Villari USN
Sea 2c Avon Olson USN
Sea 1c Harry Salyer USN
F 1c Edgar Durfee USN
F 1c Warren Frazier USN
F 2c Robert Hale USN
TM 3c Quinton Hausman USN
Sea 1c Paul Mitchell USN
Sea 1c Paris Williams USN
SC 3c Frederick Aders USN