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Robert J. Kaiser Middle School Interview Archive

Welcome to the archive of interviews conducted by the Student Interview Program team from

Robert J. Kaiser Middle School


Interviews Conducted under the direction of Club Adviser George Grobusch


This interview was conducted by the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School Student Interview Program. Robert J. Kaiser Middle School is part of the Monticello Central School District is in Sullivan County, NY.


Interview of Edward Maier: Summary of Service

World War Two Service:

Branch: United States Army Air Corps

Service Dates: 1/21/1943 to 11/10/1945

Rank: Corporal

Division, Unit, Station: 9th Air Force, 2009 Ordinance Maintenance Company, working on P-51 Mustangs.

Summary of Service:

Basic training at Miami Beach Florida and Georgia. Service in England, France, and Germany.

Arrived in France on D-Day Plus 8. Operation Overload. Worked on transmissions in France, worked with te Red Ball Express. Visited Nuremburg at the end of the War.


Korean War Service:

Branch: United States Army

Service Dates: 11/10/1950 to 10/3/1951

Rank: Corporal

Division, Unit, Station: Kelly Field, San Antonio Texas

Summary of Service: Mechanic at Kelly Field

Interview of Edward Maier

Student Interview Program: Hello and welcome, thank you for sharing your service memories with our interview team. Could you please begin by sharing your name and birth date?

Edward Maier: My name is Ed Maier and I was born on June 17, 1923 at home in Wurtsboro New York. There was a Jewish doctor who delivered me in my parents home. My father was building a house at that time for a job and also worked other jobs when I was born. I grew up on a farm and I can remember the cows and horses. We had a pump at our house that you had to prime for fresh water. My grandmother at the time I was born had a hotel, and the guests would come in and they would wine and dine you. My grandmother sold the hotel to her sons and ten years later it burned down. After the fire we built a big house there and raised chickens.

Student Interview Program: Tell us about your childhood memories:

Edward Maier: I grew up in Wurtsboro and went to school not far from my house. There was a drugstore and pharmacy on my way to school. I used to go in there and buy rock candy for 2 or 3 cents. The Post Office is still there today and there use to be stores on the four corners of the street. I can remember one of the stores that was there sold dry goods, horse shoes, pots, and pans. The all cot house was across the street and some of the buildings went back to the revolutionary times. There was also a hotel and a museum. During the night one time someone set fire to one of the buildings and it caused a lot of damage.

Student Interview Program: During the depression you attended the Gumaer School and then attended Wurtsboro during the depression?

Edward Maier: The Gumaer School was a one room school house. There were young girls who were teachers. They would ride in on horses to the school house. In the winter and on cold days would have to cut wood and keep the fire going in the school house. We had an organ and we had to pump the machine to get air into it to make music. The teacher’s jobs were supplemental and they moved on every once and a while. Once you passed the exams in 7th and 8th grade you were given a diploma. After 8th grade you had to go to a new school. I went to Monticello after 8th grade but did not graduate because of the war. I took a bus to high school. One time we were going to school and the bus started to make a lot of noise and we had to go back to the garage. At the garage, the bus needed a new baring and it almost killed all of us. One day we were going across the Bridgeville hill bridge, and the bus scrapped the top of the covered bridge. There always seemed to be something going on with that bus. The bus had wood spoked wheels and the whole bus would shake when we were driving. 

Student Interview Program: Do you remember when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

Edward Maier: I was in school then. I was in the house where I was born. On Sunday December the 7th, 1941, I was feeding chickens and gathering eggs. In the winter time the chickens were in the coop and we would gather the eggs every morning. After gathering the eggs, I walked back to the house and my Mother looked at me and said, Pearl Harbor has been bombed. I said where is Pearl Harbor? I eventually found out where it was. I was old enough at that time to be drafted. When the draft board called, I was sent to be tested and all of the branches of service were full, they couldn’t use us yet so I went back home. I went to work when I got back home working to make supplies for Marines in Bridgeport Connecticut. After a short time, I was ordered back to the draft board.

Student Interview Program: Would you share your service memories

Edward Maier: I reported to the draft board and took different tests. At the draft board, the guy said we can use guys like you so I enlisted. After taking more tests, a group of us were brought together and they said to us, you guys are really lucky, they are sending you to the Air Force. So, we were given new gear, and heavy coats because it was January and were then ordered to board a train. We boarded the train with our new gear and traveled south through different farm regions all the way to Miami Beach. We learned how to use fire equipment, trained, and cleaned aircraft. We