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Tuesday, October 3, 1944
Sinking near Manus
There were several incidences in World War II of possible submarine losses due to ASW action by own forces. However, the evidence is not compelling in most of these cases, with other causes being equally probable. In Seawolf's case, there seems to be no doubt. On 3 October 1944, while on her fifteenth patrol in the vicinity of Manus, she exchanged recognition signals using SJ radar with Narwhal, (SS-167). Later that day, IJN submarine RO-41 attacked and sank USS Shelton, (DE-407) in the same area. RO-41 successfully evaded the resulting counterattack and returned to Japan. Meanwhile two aircraft from Midway, (CVE-63) spotted a submerging submarine in the vicinity of Shelton's loss and attacked with bombs, later marking the spot with green dye. Richard M. Rowell, (DE-403), proceeded to the marked area, made sonar contact and attacked with hedge hogs. The second attack resulted in an underwater explosion, debris and air bubbles. Since there were four US submarines known to be in the area, they were directed to give their positions on 3 October. All but Seawolf responded. A second request on the following day was unsuccessful. Since Japanese records do not mention any ASW action in this area on that date, it is almost certain that ROWELL's attack resulted in Seawolf's loss.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 83

Namesort descending Service Branch
Sea 1c Merton Leeman USN
BM 1c Gilbert Likert USN
EM 2c Carl Lynch USN
TM 2c Dallas Malone USN
TM 2c George Marston USN
SM 2c Charles Maus USN
CMOMM Walter Mccoy USN
RM 3c Forest Michael USN
TM 2c Robert Miller USN
Sea 2c Richard Miller USN
Lt(jg) Ralph Miller USN
F 1c Lannie Mills USN
Sea 2c Harold Mitchell USN
Sea 1c Joseph Morris USN
FC 2c Edward Morris USN
MOMM 3c George Nazay USN
CTM Donald Naze USN
EM 1c George Needham USN
EM 1c Clinton Nivison USN
LCdr Edward Obrien USN