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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services


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Lost Ship's Tribute

Format: 2024
Ship Name Designatorsort descending Date Lost
New Mexico BB-40 05/12/1945
Mississippi BB-41 01/09/1945
Mississippi BB-41 11/20/1943
California BB-44 01/06/1945
California BB-44 12/07/1941
Colorado BB-45 01/09/1945
Colorado BB-45 11/27/1944
Maryland BB-46 11/29/1944
Maryland BB-46 12/07/1941
West Virginia BB-48 12/07/1941
South Dakota BB-57 11/15/1942
South Dakota BB-57 11/15/1942
Pensacola CA-24 11/30/1942
Pensacola CA-24 02/17/1945
Salt Lake City CA-25 10/12/1942