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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Friday, November 13, 1942
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
In the Guadalcanal campaign, after shepherding the transports o safety, Sterett joined the US cruiser-destroyer force to intercept the Japanese raiding force. Upon detecting the Japanese force Sterett and her colleagues increased speed changed course and threaded their way into the enemy formation. ... A deadly crossfire immediately engulfed Sterett. She fired on a cruiser to starboard and, in turn, took a terrific pounding from battleship Hiei on her port side. Soon her first target was enveloped in a large explosion and sank. Sterett turned now to the Japanese battleship tormenting her port side, let fly four torpedoes, and peppered her superstructure with 5-inch shells. Though the battleship neither sank nor sustained severe damage, Sterett had the satisfaction of scoring two torpedo hits before a third target crossed her bow. At the appearance of an enemy more her size, Sterett tore into the destroyer with her guns and launched two torpedoes. Before the Japanese destroyer could fire a single shot at Sterett, she was lifted from the water by exploding torpedoes and rapidly sank. ... Sterett had undergone a brutal beating from Hiei and various other enemy ships. With the Japanese retiring toward Savo Island, Sterett, her after guns and starboard torpedo tubes out of commission, began to withdraw. She had difficulty overtaking the rest of her force because of her damaged steering gear and the necessity to reduce speed periodically to control the blaze on her after deck. ... During the battle Sterett sustained 11 hits (three were major caliber hits) and several near misses that caused damage. ... Casualties incurred were 26 killed and 18 seriously injured. However, by dawn, she was back in formation on the starboard quarter of USS San Francisco.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 30

Name Service Branchsort ascending
F 2c Henry Lachapelle USN
Matt 2c William Walker USN
F 2c Chester Lanczak USN
Sea 2c James Stapleton USN
SC 3c Alphonse Klepacki USN
Cox Ronald Spaulding USN
Sea 2c Lawrence Koproski USN
Sea 2c William White USN
CTM George Jackson USN
Sea 1c Carmen Perry USN
GM 2c Vernon Martin USN
F 2c Leo Pete USN
F 2c Edward Hazard USN
F 2c Amos Pike USN
Sea 1c Harry Harm USN
Sea 2c Robert Poschke USN
Sea 2c James Grann USN
Sea 1c Arthur Normandie USN
Cox Hubert Godecker USN
Sea 2c Dale Smith USN


Prepared by CAPT R. O. Strange USN (Ret.)