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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Saturday, December 11, 1943
Lost in Storm off Montauk Point
The Freighter SS Suffolk was lost with all hands when she foundered and sank in a Northeaster while en route from Norfolk, Virginia to Boston. The last report from the ship stated that she was foundering in a heavy gale. Twenty days later, USS Reeve (DE-156) picked-up a raft with the bodies of a crewman and a Navy gunner. It was determined that the men had died of exposure just two days earlier.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 33

Name Service Branchsort descending
1st Engineer Charles Fitzpatrick USMM
A.B. Howard Upchurch USMM
O.S. Bobby Anderson USMM
Chief Cook Mathias Frank USMM
2nd Mate Joseph Wagg USMM
F/W Fuller Ashton USMM
Radio Officer Jack Gamburg USMM
Chief Engineer Irving Bennett USMM
F/W Elliott Gilson USMM
F/W William Buckley USMM
O.S. Nicolai Grimstad USMM
Messman George Byler USMM
2nd Engineer John Imlay USMM
A.B. Charles Cavileer USMM
Messman Ted Kosiuick USMM
Coal Passer Richard Conrad USMM
A.B. Thomas Lee USMM
Utility John Daluzz USMM
O.S. Imre Markos USMM
Oiler Galtana Danna USMM


A Carless Word A Needless Sinking.