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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Friday, November 13, 1942
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
During Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Barton engaged Japanese force with gunfire and later launched a spread of 4 torpedoes. While slowing to avoid collision with friendly forces during the battle, Barton was struck by Japanese torpedoes. Two enemy torpedoes struck Barton - one hit in the forward fireroom and the second hit in the forward engine room. ... Within seconds, the ship broke in two and sank taking the lives of 90% of her crew. 42 survivors were rescued by friendly forces.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 164

Name Service Branchsort descending
TM 1c George Grove USN
F 2c Anthony Zack USN
FC 3c James Barson USN
F 1c Leonard Brown USN
F 1c Arthur Crooker USN
F 1c Anthony Travinek USN
FC 3c Edward Poole USN
MM 1c Joseph Killimayer USN
CGM Bernard Long USN
Sea 2c James Elliott USN
SOM 3c James Gresham USN
TM 3c Kenneth Whipple USN
Sea 2c Paul Bell USN
CMM Johnie Burgett USN
SM 1c James Crouse USN
MM 2c Paul Wade USN
Y 2c Ben Plahn USN
MM 2c Clayton Johnson USN
Sea 1c Henry Majewski USN
BM 2c Michael Dombrowski USN


Prepared by CAPT R. O. Strange USN (Ret.)