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Tuesday, December 12, 1944
Kamikaze Attack near Ormoc Bay
On December 12, while escorting landing craft to Ormoc Bay Caldwell bore the brunt of a fierce air attack. ... Hit on the bridge simultaneously by a suicide plane and fragments from a two-bomb straddle, the destroyer suffered 33 killed and 40 wounded including the commanding officer. ... Despite the heavy damage, Caldwell's after guns continued to fire on enemy planes, while her well-trained damage control parties saved the ship.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 32

Name Service Branchsort descending
CRM Mervin Pennoyer USN
GM 3c Frank Froio USN
SC 3c Jesus Perez USN
Y 3c Charles Kuzmiak USN
Sea 1c Vernon Peake USN
Sea 1c Michael Kravec USN
Sea 1c Alfred Salvitti USN
Cox Reginald Krocht USN
Sea 2c Claude Rogers USN
Sea 2c John Zimmer USN
F 1c Joel Valdez USN
Sea 2c Alfred Zanetti USN
Sea 2c Donald Wall USN
Sea 2c Kenneth Wilber USN
SK 1c Joseph Thompson USN
Sea 2c Lawrence Welch USN
F 1c Frank Zielinski USN
EM 2c Paul Swanson USN
RM 1c Herbert Appenzeller USN
GM 3c Louis Strong USN