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Date Lost: 
Sunday, February 2, 1800
Battle with frigate Vengeance
On February 2, 1800 the 50-gun La Vengeance, was en route to France from Guadeloupe when Commander Thomas Truxton spied the French ship. A four-hour battle ensued. ... The French directed their fire on Constellation's rigging, Constellation concentrated on La Vengeance's hull and timbers. The punishment to La Vengeance was so great that three times the French attempted to haul down their colors. However, in the growing darkness, Truxtun was not able to see the signal. ... The French fire finally weakened Constellation's mainmast so it snapped off at the deck. Truxtun pulled back to repair the damage, and La Vengeance escaped into the darkness.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 40

Name Service Branchsort descending
Seaman John Brown USN
Ordinary Seaman Benjamin Kinsman USN
Seaman Benjamin Bradford USN
Ordinary Seaman John Mccowan USN
Seaman Emanuel Deist USN
Ordinary Seaman Barney Bressland USN
Seaman William Mckeever USN
Seaman Emanuel Magnus USN
Ordinary Seaman Curt Burdock USN
Quartermaster William Miller USN
Seaman John Robertson USN
Seaman Nathaniel Canfield USN
Seaman William Milligan USN
Seaman Richard Hayman USN
Boy Joseph Graves USN
Yeoman Richard Smith USN
Seaman Archibald Hurst USN
Ordinary Seaman Anthony Demosambs USN
Armorer Robert Stone USN
Seaman Emanuel Johnson USN


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