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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Friday, November 13, 1942
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
Cushing screened transports safely into Guadalcanal November 12, 1942 and was in the van of the force that moved out to intercept the Japanese fleet in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on the night of November 13. As the range closed, she suddenly sighted three enemy destroyers at 3,000 yards. In the bitter gunfire which followed Cushing received several hits amidships, resulting in a gradual power loss, but she determinedly continued to fire her guns at the enemy, launching her torpedoes by local direction at an enemy battleship. ... Fires, exploding ammunition, and the inability of Cushing to shoot any longer made the abandon ship order unavoidable as the battle with the Japanese force continued. Her burning hulk was last seen from Guadalcanal when she sank about 3,500 yards southeast of Savo Island. ... Cushing lost 70 men killed or missing, some of them later rescued from the water, and many wounded, but with the task force she had aided in saving Henderson Field from a disastrous bombardment by a Japanese force.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 72

Namesort descending Service Branch
CFC Ralph Eacker USN
Wt 2c Willie Enox USN
Lt(jg) William Ford USN
Sea 2c Lawrence Golay USN
AS Clarence Greene USN
RM 3c Carroll Gustafson USN
Sea 2c Otto Harvey USN
Ens Eugene Huntemer USN
EM 2c Charles Johnson USN
Sea 2c Leonard Jones USN
Y 2c Bill Junkins USN
Sea 1c Henry Kirkland USN
Sea 2c James Lane USN
TM 2c Willard Malterner USN
RM 3c Joseph Martin USN
SC 1c Eugene Mayfield USN
MM 1c Robert Mcclung USN
SOM 3c Dave Montgomery USN
GM 2c James Moore USN
FC 3c John Morrow USN


Prepared by CAPT R. O. Strange USN (Ret.)