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El Coston

Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Saturday, February 26, 1944
Collision with SS Murfreesboro
The Freighter El Coston rammed the tanker SS Murfreesboro while en convoy to Wales. The collision occured in rough seas and the ship's Master went missing shortly after the collision. El Coston's Chief Mate ordered the ship easterly until a morning inspection could be made. Upon inspection the bow was found to be stove in. ... Although an attempt was made to continue with an escort, recuring heavy seas caused a bulkhead to fail. The ship was abandoned. ... Six crew members and eight Naval Armed Guard were lost in the collision, three more crew members were lost when the ship sank.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 10

Namesort descending Service Branch
Sea 2c Arthur Anderson USN
A.B. Niles Blomkvist USMM
Messman Chau Cheung USMM
Jr. 3rd Engineer Karl Frankinoville USMM
A.B. Tu Keng USMM
2nd Mate Antonio Larrasquitu USMM
3rd Cook Chuen Ng USMM
Master Rolf Olsen USMM
Carpenter Herman Omer USMM
3rd Mate Ralf Tanava USMM
A Careless Word A Needless Sinking