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Esso Gettysburg

Thursday, June 10, 1943
Torpedoed off Georgia Coast
On Thursday afternoon, June 10, 1943 the SS Esso Gettysburg, one of the first T-2 tankers, was ninety miles off the Georgia coast and bound for Philadelphia with crude oil. Just before 2 PM, the German U-66, sailing at periscope depth, fired two torpedoes, seconds apart. The first shattered two cargo tanks and the whole ship burst into flames. The second hit the engine room and left the Gettysburg dead in the water, down by the stern, and sinking rapidly. All the lifeboats were engulfed by fire. No one saw the sub before the two torpedoes, four seconds apart, set her afire and sank her. Flames prevented launching any boats those who survived jumped overboard, several without time to don life preservers.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 43

Namesort ascending Service Branch
Galleyman Glenn Zink USMM
Messman Alfred Zgoda USMM
F/W Stanley Wetart USMM
A.B. Charles Teater USMM
Bosun Albion Shaw USMM
Purser James Sharkey USMM
O.S. Michael Sadlon USMM
Wiper Orie Rose USMM
Radio Officer Weston Pound USMM
A.B. Walter Petring USMM
Wiper Francis Parlatore USMM
A.B. Paul Murphy USMM
Deck Cadet Alphonse Miller USMM
Messman Francis Mason USMM
Cook Thorlief Lassen USMM
Engine Cadet Joseph Landron USMM
Oiler Joseph Lafrance USMM
Master Peder Johnson USMM
Chief Engineer Joseph Jacobs USMM
F/W Martin Irvin USMM