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Saturday, June 6, 1942
Torpedoed during Midway
During the Battle of Midway, Hammann came alongside the damaged Yorktown June 6, to transfer a damage control party. The destroyer then lay alongside, providing hose and water for fire fighting, power, and other services while tied up next to Yorktown. The salvage party was making excellent progress when the protective screen was penetrated by a Japanese submarine after noon on 6 June. Four torpedoes were loosed two missed, one passed under Hammann and hit Yorktown, and the fourth hit the destroyer amidships, breaking her back. As the debris from the explosion rained down and the ships lurched apart, it was apparent that the valiant Hammann was doomed. As she settled with sickening quickness life rafts were lowered and rescue efforts began by ships in company. The ship sank in just 4 minutes and following the sinking a violent underwater explosion caused many deaths in the water, bringing the toll in dead to over 80.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 82

Namesort ascending Service Branch
CMM Malcolm Wright USN
Ens James Woodruff USN
GM 2c Edward Willett USN
CBM Ole Vollum USN
WT 2c Nael Trotter USN
F 1c Henry Tilghman USN
F 3c George Swan USN
Sea 2c Bertie Stukey USN
Sea 2c John Storm USN
SC 3c Roy Stagg USN
F 3c Jack Smith USN
F 1c William Sikes USN
Sea 2c George Self USN
Sea 2c Francis Scanlon USN
MM 1c Paul Rose USN
F 2c Edward Rollins USN
Sea 2c Julius Ritchie USN
Sea 2c Robert Richardson USN
Sea 2c Warren Richardson USN
Sea 2c Bernice Rench USN