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Sunday, January 21, 1945
Aircraft Accident
While Hancock conducted strike operations in hitting Hainan Island in the Gulf of Tonkin, the Pescadores Islands, and shipping in the harbor of Hong Kong. Raids against Formosa one of her planes returning from a sortie made a normal landing, taxied to a point abreast of the island, and disintegrated in a blinding explosion which killed 50 men and injured 75 others. ... Outstanding work by Hancock’s damage control teams quickly brought the fires under control in time to land other planes which were still aloft. She returned to formation and launched strikes against Okinawa the next morning.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 37

Namesort ascending Service Branch
AMM 3c Robert Williams USN
PhoM 3c Harry Weintraub USN
AMM 1c Orville Walker USN
Sea 1c Thomas Turpak USN
Sea 1c Jackie Stubblefield USN
Sea 1c Elwood Stover USN
AOM 3c Curren Stoneman USN
Sea 1c Hugh Stone USN
Sea 2c Kenneth Smith USN
Y 2c James Shields USN
Sea 1c Joe Shackelford USN
Sea 1c William Sexton USN
Sea 1c Gilbert Ripley USN
Sea 1c James Reiners USN
Sea 2c Eugene Ranks USN
BM 1c Einar Olson USN
AOM 2c William Mulhearn USN
Sea 1c Robert Moran USN
Sea 1c William Moore USN
Sea 1c Edsel Mciver USN