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Henry R. Mallory

Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Sunday, February 7, 1943
U-Boat Attack in North Atlantic
The Transport, Henry R Mallory was torpedoed by U-402 while en convoy from New York to Iceland. The ship was struck by one torpedo. Although it was believed the ship would say afloat for some time, the ship started to list and sink suddenly by the stern. Four of the lifeboats capsized and some of the rafts could not be unsecured in time. ... Many were lost due to exposure to the cold during the four hour wait for rescue ships to arrive.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 168

Namesort descending Service Branch
F 2c Paul Stamand USN
SF 3c Samuel Stark USN
Messman John Stephens USMM
CM 3c Harrison Stover USN
Pvt Stephen Surina USMC
Ptr 3c John Swanson USN
Radio Officer Arnold Tangen USMM
Ptr 3c Alexander Taylor USN
Cook John Thomas USMM
Sea 1c Curtis Turner USN
SF 3c Norman Walbring USN
CM 3c Robert Wallace USN
SF 3c Francis Walter USN
CM 3c Martin Watson USN
SF 3c George Watts USN
Pvt David Weaver USMC
Master Horace Weaver USMM
Waiter David Williams USMM
Bkr 3c Thomas Wilson USN
MM 2c Richard Winter USN


A Careless Word, A Needless Sinking