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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Friday, October 20, 1944
Kamakaze Attack at Leyte
At 1600 Honolulu was in her assigned position of Catomin Hill awaiting a fire support assignment when a single Japanese plane was sighted coming from Leyte. It was taken under fire, but it launched its torpedo at Honolulu. The ship had very little way on and was unable to maneuver out of the way. At 1602 the plane hit the Honolulu and there were many personnel casualties. Prompt damage control measures were undertaken which localized the flooding. The ship anchored that night in transport area where another casualty occurred. During the air attack some ship fired into a 40 MM mount killing and wounding several more men. By noon the next day the ship was able to get underway and after dodging two floating mines, left Leyte Gulf for Kosgol Passage and Manus.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 60

Namesort ascending Service Branch
Sea 2c Gerald Whitefield USN
Sea 2c James White USN
Sea 2c George Wergers USN
Sea 1c Eugene Waite USN
Sea 1c Raymond Volker USN
CCM Peter Vlasich USN
Sea 2c Normand Villett USN
GM 2c Ollen Toler USN
Sea 2c Howard Swisher USN
F 1c James Robedeau USN
Sea 1c Lashley Rennard USN
Y 3c Charles Reed USN
F 2c Floyd Redfern USN
EM 2c Fred Reay USN
Sea 2c George Raslich USN
F 2c William Protsman USN
SK 3c Norman Potter USN
Sea 1c Lester Pomplun USN
EM 2c Benjamin Pillars USN
EM 2c Jack Paulk USN


Prepared by CAPT R.O. Strange USN (Ret.)