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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Monday, October 26, 1942
Battle of Santa Cruz Island
With bomb damage to Enterprise (24 August), torpedo damage to Saratoga (31 August), and loss of Wasp (15 September ) US carrier strength in the South Pacific was reduced to one carrier, Hornet. The gallant carrier guarded the sea approach to bitterly contested Guadalcanal in the Solomons and bore the brunt of providing air cover in the Solomons until 24 October 1942 when she joined Enterprise northwest of the New Hebrides Islands and steamed to intercept a Japanese carrier-battleship force bearing down on Guadalcanal. The Battle of Santa Cruz Island took place 26 October 1942 without contact between surface ships of the opposing forces. That morning Enterprise planes bombed carrier Zuiho. Planes from Hornet severely damaged carrier Shokaku, and cruiser Chikuma. Two other cruisers were also attacked by Hornet aircraft. Meanwhile, Hornet, herself, was fighting off a coordinated dive bombing and torpedo plane attack which left her so severely damaged that she had to be abandoned.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 106

Namesort descending Service Branch
Matt 2c Vicente Cruz USN
FC 2c William Decker USN
Pfc Russell Dewey USMC
F 2c Reid Dibble USN
Pvt Robert Dickerson USMC
Sea 2c John Dobra USN
Pfc Robert Dooren USMC
PhM 3c Morris Driver USN
Pl Sgt Edward Dunnigan USMC
Matt 2c McKinley Dupree USN
Pfc Dalmos Eldridge USMC
Matt 2c Danny Farrar USN
AOM 3c Horace Garrison USN
Pvt Stephen Garvey USMC
Sea 1c Donald Gendron USN
EM 3c James George USN
Lt(jg) Douglas Gillette USN
ACM Dempsey Givens USN
Matt 1c Joe Gunter USN
WT 2c Asa Gwinn USN


Prepared by CAPT R.O. Strange USN (Ret.)