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Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Tuesday, March 20, 1945
Lost at Sea
Following an engagement on March 9, Kete reported that all but three torpedoes had been expended. She was ordered to proceed to Pearl Harbor for a refit. The last communication from Kete was a weather report on 20 March. ... She was declared overdue at Pearl Harbor on April 16, 1945, and was presumed lost due to unknown causes. ... While there were known mine lines in the vicinity of the Nansei Shoto chain, she would have been clear of the mined area by 20 March as she returned to port. Three Japanese submarines were known to be operating along her presumed track, but these were later sunk by US surface units. ... It is possible that she fell victim to a submarine attack, which was unreported due to loss of the attacker.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 86

Namesort descending Service Branch
EM 1c Leroy Abts USN
LCdr Edward Ackerman USN
Lt(jg) John Adams USN
FC 3c John Apking USN
MOMM 3c Donald Bergadine USN
Sea 1c Leonard Blodgett USN
CMOMM Francis Braniger USN
QM 2c Carl Brooks USN
Lt(jg) William Burnside USN
F 1c Perry Callahan USN
EM 3c Bernard Cobrin USN
RM 3c Hugh Cole USN
EM 2c Edward Cooper USN
RM 2c Robert Crowley USN
Lt(jg) Charles Crutchfield USN
Ck 3c William Dawson USN
F 1c Fredrick Deininger USN
Y 1c Harold Derrah USN
CCS Helmut Dietrich USN
StM 1c Calvin Dortche USN


Prepared by: J.P.O’Hara, CDR, USN (Ret.)