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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



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Date Lost: 
Saturday, September 5, 1942
Night Battle near Lunga Point
On 4 September, Little and Gregory brought a detachment of marine raiders to Savo Island on an unfounded rumor that enemy forces had occupied it. The troops were returned to Lunga Point, Guadalcanal. After dropping off the marines it was decided to patrol off Lunga Point rather than attempt to negotiate Tulagi Harbor with no visible landmarks. About 0100 5 September, Little observed gun flashes to the east which were believed to be an enemy submarine. Moments later a Navy Catalina flying over Savo Sound released a string of flares to illuminate what he thought to also be a submarine. The flares illuminated the APDs instead. A surprised Japanese surface force, source of the flashes presumed to have come from a submarine, shifted their guns toward the APDs, and searchlights stabbed through the darkness. Though outgunned, Little opened fire on the three enemy destroyers, but took direct hits from salvos which left her helpless and ablaze by 0115. Gregory had suffered the same fate. The Japanese, to assure their kill steamed between the two stricken ships firing shells and strafing survivors. Gregory sank stern first about 0140. Little went down on an even keel about 2 hours later.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 61

Namesort descending Service Branch
Y 3c Earl Aultman USN
F 1c James Bowen USN
CMM Solon Boyd USN
RM 3c Robert Brouder USN
Matt 2c Henry Bull USN
CEM Joseph Byrne USN
CM 1c Anthony Campagna USN
WT 2c Walter Carey USN
GM 1c Louis Carr USN
Matt 3c David Carter USN
Sea 2c Claude Caughman USN
F 1c Gilchrist Chenault USN
Sea 2c Bert Comacho USN
Sea 2c Nick Damelio USN
Sea 2c Harold Dawson USN
Sea 1c Clarence Delidle USN
Sea 1c Daniel Disney USN
Sea 2c Walter Dobyns USN
EM 3c Arthur Dolan USN
F 3c Harold Douglas USN


Prepared by CAPT R.O. Strange USN (Ret.)