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Saturday, September 25, 1943
Lost at Sea
Pompano departed Midway 20 August, 1943, intending to patrol the Japanese coast off Hokaido and Honshu. She was never heard from again, although Japanese records indicate two cargo ships were sunk in her area in September 1943. The records make no mention of any anti-submarine attacks in the area during this period. Since the Japanese coast in her patrol area was known to be heavily mined, the most probable cause for her loss was striking a mine.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 79

Namesort ascending Service Branch
EM 3c Eugene Laux USN
Lt John Lassiter USN
EM 1c Fred Kirschbaum USN
RM 2c Martin Keesee USN
EM 3c Stanley Johnson USN
RM 1c Otis Johnigan USN
MOMM 2c George Jennings USN
MOMM 2c John Jenkins USN
MOMM 1c Robert Jenckes USN
GM 2c Theodore Helms USN
MM 3c William Hastings USN
MOMM 2c Donald Hanson USN
Y 1c John Hanson USN
CTM Hyram Guess USN
EM 2c Robert Gross USN
MM 3c Lowell Gray USN
MOMM 2c John Graeflin USN
TM 2c Veldean Gipson USN
StM 1c Sherman Ganious USN
EM 2c Edward Galloway USN