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Saturday, June 26, 1943
Lost off Kurile Islands
On 27 May, Runner departed Midway for the Kuriles on her third patrol. She was never heard from again. Apparently, her torpedoes were functioning properly on this patrol, since post-war analysis of Japanese records indicated that the Seinan Maru was sunk off Hokkaido on 11 June, and the Shinryu Maru off the Kuriles on 26 June. Both sinkings were in Runner’s patrol area. The records are silent as to any action that might have resulted in her loss. Since there were four known minefields in her area, her loss is presumed to be due to striking a mine.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 78

Namesort ascending Service Branch
Sea 1c Herald Lampman USN
MOMM 2c William Kremin USN
MOMM 1c George Kloster USN
MOMM 2c Robert Kiracofe USN
TM 1c Homer King USN
Bkr 2c Roy Keefer USN
F 2c Carl Johnson USN
Sea 1c Calvin Jennings USN
TM 2c Thomas James USN
Sea 1c Dallas Hunter USN
Sea 1c Richard Hollar USN
CEM Ira Gregg USN
MOMM 2c William Gordon USN
RM 3c Morton Golden USN
Lt(jg) Hubert Gluski USN
F 1c Marion Glowski USN
CMOMM Roger Gardner USN
Std 1c Basilio Galvan USN
MM 3c Orlando Galligani USN
TM 1c George Foote USN