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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Lost at Sea
Shark was lost during her third war patrol, probably in the vicinity of Luzon Strait, while participating in a coordinated attack group with submarines Seadragon (SS-194) and Blackfish (SS-221). On 24 October, Seadragon received a message from Shark stating that she had made radar contact with a single freighter, and that she was going to attack. This was the last message received from the submarine, and all subsequent attempts to contact Shark failed. She was reported as presumed lost on 27 November. According to Japanese records examined after the war, on 24 October 1944, in Luzon Strait, destroyer Harukaze made contact with a submerged submarine and dropped depth charges. After losing and regaining the contact, the destroyer dropped another 17 depth charges which resulted in “bubbles, heavy oil, clothes and cork” coming to the surface.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 86

Namesort descending Service Branch
F 2c John Perry USN
Ck 2c George Pittman USN
RM 3c Michael Polikowski USN
CMOMM Willis Porter USN
CEM Floyd Reed USN
FC 3c Kenneth Reich USN
CSM Francis Reilly USN
FC 2c Rudolph Reinthaler USN
EM 1c Arlin Ridgeway USN
EM 3c Herber Satterfield USNR
CMOMM Lloyd Schuermann USN
EM 3c Anthony Scutiero USN
QM 2c Jessie Selig USN
Y 1c Donald Shaffer USN
SC 2c Bernon Shaw USN
Ens Henry Shefchek USN
EM 3c William Simko USN
TM 3c Harvey Thommen USN
TM 3c Kenneth Tien USN
EM 1c Forrest Tiller USN


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