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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Tuesday, October 24, 1944
Sunk by Runaway Torpedo
On her fifth, and final patrol, Tang fired 24 torpedoes in four attacks. 22 were hits, sinking 13 ships, and one was a miss. Her final torpedo malfunctioned and hit the boat, sinking her. The details of her loss were provided by her Commanding Officer, who survived to be rescued from a Japanese prisoner of war camp. During a night surface attack, two torpedoes were fired at a freighter. The first ran hot, straight and normal, but the second broached and began to circle. Despite emergency maneuvers, it hit Tang in the vicinity of the After Torpedo Room. The after three compartments flooded and she went down by the stern. Nine officers and men on the bridge, and one in the conning tower, managed to escape but only three survived to be picked up eight hours later. With the submarine on the bottom at 180 feet, 13 men managed to get through the forward escape trunk but only eight reached the surface alive. Of these, only five survived to be picked up by the Japanese.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 78

Namesort descending Service Branch
SM 3c John Accardy USN
StM 2c Ralph Adams USN
MOMM 2c Dwayne Allen USN
TM 3c Phillip Anderson USN
RM 2c Charles Andriolo USN
F 1c Homer Anthony USN
CTM William Ballinger USN
Y 3c Edwin Bauer USN
Lt Edward Beaumont USN
RM 1c Edwin Bergman USN
TM 3c Frederick Bisogno USN
TM 3c Wilfred Boucher USN
QM 3c Bernard Bresette USN
EM 2c John Bush USN
Y 3c Benjamin Chiavetta USN
QM 3c Walter Clark USN
EM 3c Robert Coffin USN
CEM James Culp USN
EM 2c Arthur Darienzo USN
CMOMM Marvin Delapp USN


Prepared by: J.P. O'Hara, CDR, USN (Ret.)