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Monday, September 30, 1918
Torpedoed by Submarine U-152
The Transport Ticonderoga was a captured, German built, merchant ship that was put into service to carry animals, troops, and supplies to Europe in World War I. On September 22nd, 1918, during her third crossing to Europe, Ticonderoga developed engine troubles and fell behind her convoy. A German submarine, U-152, soon found her and prepared to attack. Ticonderoga reacted quickly and attempted to ram the surfaced submarine. Nearly missing the sub, a two hour running gun battle resulted that eventually knocked out both of TICONDEROGA's deck guns, killed or wounded almost all of the crew and passengers and left the ship taking on water. The commanding officer, nearly faint from the loss of blood and his ship's decks nearly awash, ordered the ship abandoned. She subsequently sank.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 117

Namesort descending Service Branch
Chief Water Tend James Lineberger USN
Engineman 2nd Roscoe Lynch USN
Lieutenant (supp Samuel Magruder USN
Warrant Officer' William Marshall USN
Boatswain's Mate Joseph Martel USN
Fireman 2nd John Mcbride USN
Plumber an d Fit William Miller USN
Seaman Eugene Mootz USN
Boatswain's Mate Herbert Nolan USN
Lieutenant jg Norwin Norris USN
Engineman 2nd cl Francis O'grady USN
Seaman 2nd class David Owens USN
Fireman 2nd cals William Patterson USN
Water Tender Willie Patton USN
Seaman 2nd class John Payne USN
Engineman 2nd cl Lester Philippi USN
Fireman 1st clas Elmer Renner USN
Fireman 1st clas Frank Roche USN
Fireman 1st clas Charles Rymer USN
Fireman 1st clas Frank Sanborn USN