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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Wednesday, June 7, 1944
Struck a Mine near Cardonet Banks
On the morning of June 7, Tide swept the area inshore and between St. Marcauf and Barfleur to clear lanes for fire-support ships. At 0940, while recovering her gear, Tide drifted over the Cardonet Banks and struck a mine which exploded with such force that she was lifted out of the water. The explosion broke her back, blasted a tremendous hoe in her bottom, and tore away all bulkheads below the waterline causing immediate and irreversible flooding. Tide's commanding officer Lt. Comdr. Allard B. Heywood, USNR, died soon after the initial explosion, and Lt. Comdr. George Crane, the ship's executive officer, directed efforts to assist the stricken vessel and to rescue survivors. Threat (AM-124) and Pheasant (AM-61) tried to aid Tide, but the ship was beyond saving. When Swift (AM-122) attempted to tow the damaged ship to the beach, the strain broke her in two. She sank only minutes after the last survivors had been taken off.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 20

Namesort descending Service Branch
MOMM 2c Robert Aanonsen USN
Sea 2c Charles Balcom USN
Sea 2c Alfonso Barbetta USN
Sea 2c Frederick Barton USN
EM 2c Richard Bishop USN
GM 3c Thomas Colligan USN
LCdr Allard Heyward USN
Lt(jg) Rex Hibbert USN
SF 3c Bernard Hutchinson USN
Sea 1c Joseph Landy USN
GM 3c Oscar Lindsay USN
MOMM 2c Joseph Mcnerney USN
BM 2c George Orcutt USN
CMOMM John Quigley USN
RT 1c Warren Shouldis USN
QM 2c Charles Simpson USN
StM 2c Jules Sims USN
MOMM 3c Frederick Snowman USN
MOMM 1c David Spencer USN
Sea 1c George Wehn USN
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships