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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Saturday, June 16, 1945
Torpedoed off Senaga Shima
On 16 June, Twiggs was on radar picket duty off Senaga Shima in the western fire support area. At 2030, a single, low-flying plane dropped a torpedo which hit Twiggs on her port side, exploding her number 2 magazine. The plane then circled and completed its kamikaze mission in a suicide crash. The explosion enveloped the destroyer in flame - and, within an hour, she sank. Despite the hazard of exploding ammunition from the blazing Twiggs, 188 survivors were rescued from the oily waters. Among the 162 dead and missing was her commanding officer, Comdr. George Phillip.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 125

Name Service Branchsort descending
CDR George Philip USN
FC 2c Murry Johnson USN
Sea 2c Joseph Lutch USN
SC 3c Clyde Dawson USN
Sea 2c Robert Gates USN
CWT Claud Anderson USN
Sea 1c George Cochrane USN
Sea 1c Louis Schlobohm USN
FC 3c John Pierce USN
Y 3c Perry Johnson USN
Lt Charles Mcbee USN
F 2c Alfonso Delbarrio USN
Sea 2c Charles Gaul USN
CQM Howard Anderson USN
FC 1c John Cochrane USN
SSM 3c John Schiller USN
Sea 1c Angel Peters USN
RM 2c John Kane USN
GM 2c Charles Mchenry USN
Sea 1c Joseph Depa USN


Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships