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Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Tuesday, September 15, 1942
Torpedoed near Guadalcanal
Wasp was dispatched to the Pacific in June 1942 to reinforce U.S. Naval forces there in the wake of the carrier battles of Coral Sea and Midway and in preparation for offensive operations in the Southern Pacific. In early August, she participated in the invasion of Guadalcanal. The remainder of her service life was devoted to the effort to hold that vital island in the face of Japanese attempts to recapture it. On 15 September 1942, while steaming well to the southward of Guadalcanal, USS Wasp was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-19. Uncontrollable gasoline fires forced her abandonment, and she was sunk by torpedoes from an escorting destroyer.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 172

Namesort ascending Service Branch
F 2c Thurman Young USN
EM 3c Wesley Yeatts USN
LCdr John Wymond USN
Matt 1c James Wright USN
Matt 1c James Worthington USN
Lt(jg) Glen Wood USN
Sea 2c Robert Wilson USN
Matt 2c Maurice Williams USN
OC 3c Robert Williams USN
Matt 2c Joseph Williams USN
AOM 3c Porter Wilkinson USN
Y 3c William Weaver USN
F 3c James Ward USN
Matt 1c Willie Walton USN
Sea 2c Carl Walker USN
AMM 3c Earl Walford USN
Matt 1c Willie Wade USN
Matt 2c Gildord Vassar USN
Prtr 3c Charles Vansickle USN
Matt 2c Lewis Vann USN


Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships