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Thursday, June 4, 1942
The Battle of Midway
During the Battle of Midway the torpedo planes from three American carriers located the Japanese carrier striking force but met disaster. Of the 41 planes from VT-8, VT-6, and VT-3, only six returned to Enterprise and Yorktown, collectively. The destruction of the torpedo planes, however, had served a purpose. The Japanese CAP had broken off their high-altitude cover for their carriers and had concentrated on the Devastators, flying low on the deck. The skies above were thus left open for Dauntlesses arriving from Yorktown and Enterprise. Virtually unopposed, the SBD's dove to the attack. The results were spectacular.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 27

Namesort ascending Service Branch
Lt(jg) Richard Suesens USN
Ens Leonard Smith USN
Sea 2c Harry Selle USN
Ens David Roche USN
Ens Oswald Powers USN
ARM 3c William Phillips USN
ACRM Leo Perry USN
Ens Carl Osberg USN
ARM 3c Charles Moore USN
LCdr Lance Massey USN
ARM 3c Joseph Mandeville USN
ARM 1c Harold Lundy USN
RM 2c Joseph Karrol USN
Lt(jg) Curtis Howard USN
Ens George Hopper USN
Lt Patrick Hart USN
ARM 3c Richard Hansen USN
Ch Mach John Haas USN
ARM 3c Benjamin Dodson USN
ARM 3c Raymond Darce USN


Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships