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Navy Memorial Honoring the Men & Women of the Sea Services



Ship Designation: 
Date Lost: 
Saturday, October 17, 1942
U-Boat Attack in North Atlantic
After straggling away from its convoy, Angelina was struck by a torpedo from U-618. The ship listed to starboard and settled. A second torpedo struck about 20 minutes later. At the time the crew abandoned ship, a very heavy sea was running. Lifeboat number 2 capsized leaving a few men to cling to the side of Angelina's overturned hull.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 47

Namesort descending Service Branch
3rd Engineer Walter Lesnevich USMM
Bosun Francisco Lopez USMM
F/W Frank Mcguire USMM
2nd Engineer Walter Pabst USMM
Sea 2c Perry Pye USN
A.B. Manuel Rodriguez USMM
O.S. Jesus Romero USMM
Oiler Feliz Rosario USMM
A.B. Isidro Ross USMM
Messman Samuel Roucheron USMM
F/W Mariano Rubio USMM
A.B. Eugenio Santana USMM
O.S. Esteban Santiago USMM
Sea 2c Henry Schuman USN
1st Engineer Harry Steinruck USMM
Radio Officer Edward Stuhring USMM
Sea 2c Curtis Thomas USN
Sea 1c George Todd USN
Purser Carl Uhlyk USMM
Oiler Manuel Vazquez USMM


A Careless Word, A Needless Sinking