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Wednesday, November 29, 1944
Air Attack in Leyte Gulf
Arriving in Leyte Gulf on November 25, Aulick joined TG 77.2. On the 29th, while on antisubmarine patrol in the east entrance to Leyte Gulf, Aulick was attacked at 1750 by six Japanese planes. ... One peeled off end dived toward the destroyer, dropped a bomb close aboard, then exploded on hitting the water approximately 20 yards off the destroyer's port bow. Another aircraft approached and struck the starboard side of the bridge with its wingtip, continued forward and downward, and exploded near the bow Just above the main deck. The explosion set the number 2 gun and handling room on fire. ... Metal fragments killed several men on the bridge and flying bridge. Altogether a total of 31 men were killed, 64 were wounded, and 1 was missing.

Lost At Sea Log

Number of sailors in this log: 31

Namesort descending Service Branch
Sea 1c Paul Baumgartner USN
F 1c John Bitter USN
Sea 2c Arturo Bustamante USN
Cox George Byce USN
GM 2c Joseph Byrne USN
RDM 2c Leo Carney USN
Sea 1c Marcelo Casas USN
Sea 1c James Chastain USN
Sea 1c Willard Coleman USN
BM 2c Joseph Congrady USN
Cox Billy Copeland USN
Sea 1c Leo Gibson USN
Lt(jg) James Hahn USN
Sea 1c Clovis Harper USN
GM 3c Victor Hartley USN
Gunner Albert Hoetzel USN
Ens John Horlick USNR
Sea 1c Aaro Ikkala USN
StM 1c Dan Mells USN
Sea 2c Judge Merrell USN